Saskatchewan Pesticide Education Program

In Saskatchewan, all pesticide applicators and dispensers are required to re-certify their pesticide training every five years. Is it time for you to re-certify or do you need to obtain your certification? Save on in-person group instruction with the SGGA! Current Members and their Associates are eligible. See our Event Calendar for upcoming course dates.

Greenhouse Applicator

This 100-level course is for new applicants. You will learn how to use herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and rodenticides in greenhouses during crop storage, display and production. The course content includes pesticide use on areas immediately surrounding greenhouses and on plants in occupied buildings.

For more details, visit the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Website here.

This 200-level course is for recertifications. Licensed commercial pesticide applicators must renew their certification every five years. This course allows students to renew their pesticide training and/or challenge the renewal examination.

For more details, visit the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Website here.

Course Materials

Continuing Education Credits

What are CEC's? Re-certify by attending approved presentations at seminars, conferences and training sessions and accumulate Continuing Education Credits! Accumulate 15 CEC’s in the five year period (maximum 10 CEC’s in one year), with minimum requirements in specific concept areas.

  1. Accumulate 15 CEC's in five years and meet minimum requirements in the concept areas.
  2. Register with Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  3. Receive a "Statement of Achievement from Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  4. Provide a copy of your "Statement of Achievement" to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture with your Pesticide Applicator Renewal Application
  5. Receive your Pesticide Applicator License



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