APRIL 9, 2020

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Available to SGGA members:

The SGGA has created a Greenhouse Operators COVID-19 Support Package to help members understand the regulations and also, provide resources and tools that will help producers meet the regulations with ease.

Our staff are willing and ready to support our members through implementing best management practices that meet the Saskatchewan Legislated Mandatory Conditions for Operation.

Contact the office for more information and support:


MARCH 27, 2020

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The SGGA continues discussions and collaboration with the Government of Saskatchewan to address Covid Safety and Greenhouse Sales.

We have received confirmation that greenhouse growing operations are considered an allowable business and may continue to operate provided all necessary safety precautions, including the mandatory social distancing measures, can be observed.

Retail sales of supplemental goods such as clothing, accessories or household goods are restricted to delivery and curbside pick-up. However, in recognition of the needs of the greenhouse growers in Saskatchewan, and the important role of this industry, we will be working with the Saskatchewan Greenhouse Growers Association on policies and protocols that can be employed to address retail sales as greenhouse operations ramp up in to the spring (if restrictions remain in place as a result of COVID-19).”

We are pleased to inform you that over the upcoming week, the SGGA will be working with the Saskatchewan Government to identify policies that will help your business to operate through the season– stay tuned for updates.

The SGGA will be providing a list of regulations and procedures that we will ask our members to follow / implement to ensure the safety of everyone. The government will receive a copy of the SGGA’s membership list to confirm operations that are listed with our organization and have been made aware of the regulations.  If you wish to have your operation on our official membership list, please ensure your membership status is active.


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